What's a good webcam to go for?

    I'm not technically minded at all but the inlaws are in NZ and we would like to get a webcam but we haven't a clue which to go for (I have noticed the amazon deal on here today but see it doesn't have a built-in mic, etc). Can any advise me on this please?


    The amazon one comes with a microphone headset - little easier to use.
    Very worthwhile at £8!
    Depends on the budget but google PCpro A list then click peripherals.. Loads to choose from, the labs award winner + budget options are usually best to consider.

    The MSI starcam 370i is cheap and comes with built in mic, amazing security software, night vision and other bells and whistles for you to play with. One of the best for the money.…cam

    ^ arm and a leg postage kills price though. Perfect if ordering over £49 quids worth anyway/ want to make it up to that for free postage.

    It does a tad mate, just over £16 if you choose super saver. I have one of these myself, the colours close up can be a little off, but a few tweaks here and there and you will get it right, colours from about 5+ feet away are perfect. Overerall they are really good. Especially the software that you get with it, you can use the cams for all sorts. Even Skype.

    Amazon one is a cheap skype choice though with half hour landline calls for free to get you started. Depends on budget really.

    Yeah, I have not had a look at Amazon one mate, I just jump in with these everytime someone asks for a cheap webcam, lol.

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    Not sure if my reply went through but thanks for that Beerman. I'm going to get the one you recommended and all the reviews look good too! Thanks.

    Oh and here is an example, all of the pics towards the bottom of my thread were taken with this webcam, all just point and click, I never altered the colour or lighting or anything, just plugged it in and pressed the button.…gle
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