Whats a great pair of pc speakers.My son does his ps4 but also guitar writing music ect all through his pc .

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Hi Guys,secretly looking at some really good pc speakers for son for xmas,I haven't a clue so advice will be appreciated,thanks
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never really heard of gaming speakers but I would assume 5:1 or 7:1 would be the best so you can hear the direction of things well, I think a headset is better generally for gaming - especially if he is young as he might love a mic as he grows up
Hi,he has the ps4 headset,he plays his ps4 on his 3 monitor setup,but also does his music,guitar ect so think wants great sound if that sounds right ? he's 25.. thanks for your quick reply murtgurge. any links would be good or make
I have a set of Harman Kardon Sound sticks, they are fantastic. Cost around £100, you get 2 small speakers and a subwoofer.
Awesome... thanks I've had a look on Amazon,reviews look pretty good,and they look like something my son would go for as in style,so I've put them on the short list,whats the chances black friday bring them down a tiny bit....big thanks for reply.
If he's going to be using the speakers for creative purposes, he really needs studio monitors, rather than consumer PC speakers. The problem with PC speakers is that they're designed to look good and (generally speaking) to offer lots of bass and to be reasonably loud, without much regard for accuracy. Those Harmans are a particularly egracious example of that - they're speakers which you can't even pan or mix properly with, because they're just two nasty, limited-range satellites with only a single shared subwoofer.

Studio monitors are a much better option for his needs because they offer a much more accurate reproduction of the source audio. With monitors, for example, a quiet bassline panned all the way to the left would actually come out of the left speaker, at the level he'd set it to. With the Harmans, the bassline would come out of only the sub (wherever that might be placed), most likely at a massively exaggerated volume. The Harmans would mean that he can't hear his own mix properly, and that he wouldn't be able to create something that would necessarily translate properly to other people's gear. You know how people with severe hearing loss tend to speak in that sort of slurred way because they can't hear themselves, and have no means to reference how they're meant to sound? The Harmans would have a similar sort of effect on his mixes.

Imo, your best bet would be to buy him some active studio monitors (basically, studio monitors with amps built in) from somewhere like DV247. Gimmicky consumer gear isn't suitable for creators.
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