Whats a reasonable price to charge

    for postage, for 10 discs in a jiffy bag?


    lol the actual cost plus say 20p for bag and tape

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    I dunno what the actualy cost will be lol

    weigh them?

    is this an extension of the boxset question thread? did it really need a new thread all on its own.

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    Nope this is for some demos, and I only have antique weighing scales :oops:

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    188g - 66p 2nd class! Those scales come in handy. Just weighed 10 DVDs and a jiffy bag


    I'm bored can you tell?10 discs= 185g plus a jiffy maybe 200g approx

    Not as bored as me - I just did it! See above

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    Thanks guys :-D
    Rep coming your way!

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