Whats a reasonable time scale for a repair under guarantee?

Found 28th Jan 2010
I bought an Hitachi television from Argos last May/June which i was really pleased with until it recently developed a fault whereby the volume had a mind of its own.
I contacted Argos and was impressed with their after sales service,they arranged for a next day pick up from my home for a repair.
It has now been in for repair for a week and when i rang the appliance repair company to enquire what was their turnaround time I was greeted by a rather surly attitude and informed that the tv was not even on the bench yet and had nine in front of me!
I then rang Argos and was informed that they allow 16 working days before they take any other action to replace the item.
Now my enquiry is twofold, firstly do you think this is a resonable time scale?
Secondly this will have a bearing on future purchases from Argos,does anyone have any experience where turnaround times for a repair is more reasonable?
Thanks in anticipation.
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I wouldn't be happy if it was away for 16 working days (and even longer most likely). I'd say 2 weeks max is acceptable.
my phone was 3 weeks, not argos but still 3 weeks
We have a tv from Currys and we was told it could be 4 weeks before our tv would be returned... i hope u get it back soon
as you cannot get a positive date ask for a loaner to cover you for the time its away.

as you cannot get a positive date ask for a loaner to cover you for the … as you cannot get a positive date ask for a loaner to cover you for the time its away.

To be quite honest i have enough tv's here not to miss one i just thought it a bit cheeky that it has been sat somewhere now for at least a week gathering dust and it will be obviously longer,together with the repairers attitude.
We all know it should not take weeks to turn around a repair.
Interestingly no comments about better customer after care in any other electrical retailers?
My girlfriends dads 50" samsung took originally 14 days, but then when returned the paper work said it hadnt been repaired as they couldnt source the item needed. so then it went away again for 3 weeks!
how dare the repair company work on other tvs before yours. Id say 28 days would probs be a normal turn around time for an item under guarantee, yes you wont have the item for that period of time but at least its getting fixed
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