What's a signed rangers top worth?

Found 14th Jun 2014
My son won a signed rangers (Glasgow) Top from school yesterday he doesn't have any interest in football at all and I am thinking of selling it for him so he can get something he likes instead but no idea where to start or if its even worth anything

its 2014 strip top with signatures form players 5,9 & 11....

please no stupid or funny comments just trying to make sure someone doesn't buy it to sell on for profit.

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Does it have a certificate of authenticity? They seem to make a difference to the price. Not sure now is best time to be selling it though. Might be worth hanging on to for a bit.
I will buy it from you.

I have run out of toilet paper!
Depends on whos signed it, is it framed and as mentioned COA?

You could be looking at anything between £50 and £200
Would be worth more with more signatures, your son could easily get more if he spent a day outside their training ground in a few weeks time.

Personally i'd get the signatures and frame it for your son.

^^^^^^^^ This should give you an idea, this has been signed by the full squad.
knew at least someone would be a smart ****. no COA as it was donation to the school from the Rangers football training ground or something. he won it in a raffle. my brother has offered a trade for some lego stuff (which my son is obsessed with) so might be best idea
Gumtree shows some results and a quick search of "glasgow rangers signed memorabilia" shows a few sites/listings for stuff

Depends who has signed the top and who will be interested!

I just sold an old one with only Naismith's sig on it for 75 on eBay. it was professionally framed tho. stick it on and instead of setting a reserve, start the bidding at your lowest price, this will save on fees
if its the current squad, then I doubt you will get much for it.
Best thing to do is to buy a really cheap (but nice looking) frame. Put the shirt in there. Wack it on eBay.

Will sell for sure approx over £50.
I once won a football in the early 90s signed by the complete squad. McCoist, Hately, Durie, Goram, Durant etc... I was young and stupid and didn't take very good care of it
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