Whats a typical salary for a junior IT technician?



    'Bout tree fiddy!

    I got 14k but that was 20 years ago, lol.

    Also depends on location. If you're in London it would be slightly better. I'd guess that you'd be look at around 16-18k, and stretching toward 20k if you're in the big smoke. As soon as you have a couple of years under your belt you'll be looking closer to 30.

    how do u become a it technician
    im looking to be 1

    how do u become a it technicianim looking to be 1

    I started by doing BTEC in Computer Studies.

    2 years of learning about computer technologies, programming concepts, networking, business studies and project management. Comes highly recommended.

    It is "roughly" equivalent to the first half of the 1st year of studying for a Computer Science Degree. The course is designed for 16-24year olds, who would like to start a career in IT and want to learn the fundamentals.

    Use this website to look at average wage info, just search on your job description to see what you should be getting, it shows average wage including London and also without taking London into account

    hope it help.....and i need a payrise according to the website!

    I need to move up to a junior position :(, im getting around 14k but only get paid pro rate. I know some earning up to 20k, so will depend on experience and location as well.

    It varies alot and depends what position you get (Helpdesk, 1st line, 2nd line), it's unlikely you'll get a 2nd line position as a starter though.

    In the public sector (Council, government, NHS, etc) expect a lower salary, but an easier time getting the job £12-16k for 1st Line would be about right, typically a school leaver with a bit of PC/OS knowledge or a year or two's experience. 2nd line would pay £14-18k, though you may manage more and in some cases everyone is classed as 1st line, so the money is low no matter what you really do.

    Private sector is alot harder to break into, probably the only way as a newcomer would be through contracting, but unless you have relevent qualifications (Computing degree, MCP, or other relevent IT one) you will have a very hard time getting an interview, let alone the job, normally they like you to have 2 years in the IT sector experience, experience of their main systems and a qualification or 2. If you can get a job expect £17-20k for 1st line or £18-25k for 2nd line, or on contract £10-16/hour 1st Line, and £12-18k/hour 2nd line.

    London rates are typically about 10% higher, unless you work for a bank or solicitors, who can pay alot more.

    Mostly the contract rates are very low because the agencies take a huge (hidden from you) cut, I have frequently got £15-18/hour but later found that the agency was recieving 2 or 3 times that amount for me, criminal I know, but agencies are a law unto themselves, and there are no controls placed on them (that are enforced), unfortunately it is next to impossible to get an IT contract without using an agency, and most permanent jobs go through them to.

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