What's Acton like as a place to live?

    Anyone here live in Acton? How does it suit or not suit you?



    actually depends on which part but majority i s a ^^^
    nice if you like towerblocks and estates;-)

    i live near acton. if u mean the one in london than its an ok place to live in if u stay away from the estates

    I lived on Acton Lane for two years, halfway between Acton and Chiswick. I work on health inequality and there was a research paper a few years ago which said if you live on the Acton side of Acton Lane (intersected by a rail bridge), you live 7 years shorter on average than the south end. In general, it's a dive with some good bars mostly dominated by antipodeans (of which, I am one), many refugee populations and quite run down. However, as London expands, it'll become like Shepherd's Bush and start to gentrify so house buying is good. Not very good tube access but good bus and overland trains. Supermarkets were Safeway and Lidl when i was there - that might tell you something about it.

    If remember rightly, it's very close to Wormwood Scrubs HM Prison. That should tell you something, I would imagine. :roll:
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