what's an archos 605 worth?

    What do people think that an 30gb Archos 605 with slightly scratched housing but perfect screen would be worth? Thanks


    £20 to £30, sorry it doesn't seem alot and you've paid quite a bit for it....
    i've just sold my archos 5 and lost alot on it, i upgraded to the android 500gb but i've previously owned some of the latest models....

    That little? How much did you get for your Archos out of interest? I've got a 120Gb one that I paid about £120 for when I bought it new; though it would be worth at least £70-80, though I'm not planning to sell it.

    you may be lucky and get a little more than i suggested on ebay but take into consideration final value fee and paypal fees, would get a little more here!
    I sold my 250gb with dock, under a year old for £174 on ebay, ebay took £17 final value fee and then 4% paypal fees!!
    I wanted to sell it though so let the sale go ahead (without a reserve).

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    Thanks I expected as much, apple technology seems to be the only stuff that has any real resale value but thanks for the help
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