Whats been your best glitch here??

    I so far had
    Thorntons 1p chocolate boxes
    M&S free xmas gifts
    Boots glitch which reduced all the items crazy like cameras thanks to Tetris set
    Tesco Toys crazy reduction like remote control cars for 2 quid!!!

    I want to know what other people have come across hope there is plenty more glitch to come this festive season


    i just get the 4p toys at tesco :-) donating them all to childrens home next week

    20% off everything in Argos

    Just Fiji milkshake from Tesco for me. I'm sorry I will try to do better.

    menlook glitch took 68% off my order instead of £50 of £400 spend £418 worth of clothes for £158

    oh and the xbox one at tesco a few months ago and the argos 2 for £30 that when through at 2 for £15. So many to choose from, i need to get of this site lol.

    M&S alcohol

    just P&P paid........fingers crossed it happens this year lol

    Any glitches around at the moment?

    How about the Terry's chocolate orange from 3 years back, 30 for £8.95. Can be foundhere

    I got one of the Kenwood K-Mix's from Amazon for £90.00 a year or two ago.

    The Argos code glitch!

    The Thorntons 1p chocolate were a hit with all the trick or treaters around me, I didn't realise there were so many kids near me until that night

    The superdrug glitch last year buy 3 gifts for the price of 1

    The perfume shop glitch about two years ago. Armani diamonds 50ml bottles + gift sets for £10. Was excellent and managed to give a few people a bonus gift for crimbo…094

    T mobile sim only for £0 couple of years ago, managed to get 2 cashback from quidco too, but cant remember how much,think it was £50

    free t-mobile contract for 12 months

    £2.50 debenhams bed

    Panasonic 50" 3D plasma for £200 plus £25 M&S voucher making the tv £175
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    How about the Terry's chocolate orange from 3 years back, 30 for £8.95. … How about the Terry's chocolate orange from 3 years back, 30 for £8.95. Can be foundhere

    Yes, that was mine too!!

    The chocolate orange glitch was legendary!! Oh and the whiskers cat food glitch a few months ago was pretty good too

    Wasn't there a Cadburys mini-eggs (and Lindt bunny?) glitch a year or 2 ago where they were scanning for 1p in Tescos?

    Nothing........ I'm so feckin unlucky........

    the £150 Gigabyte motherboard for £48 on amazon

    Bought the Starship Troopers trilogy blu-ray mis-price from CD-wow I think, for about £5, got an email a day or two later stating money being refunded as unable to supply blah, blah, then a couple of days after getting refund the boxset turned up. Wathced the first one and fairly enjoyable as had wathced previously, never seen 2nd or 3rd, could only last about 15 minutes of the 2nd one before turning off. Ended up selling to CEX for more than I paid for/got refunded, so win/win, although attepting to watch the 2nd movies almost turned it into a loss.

    M&S glitch last year where certain gift sets, mugs, dressing gowns were advertised at £0.00. Some people got £100's of stuff for nothing! My best one so far! >>Click Here<<
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    IPad Air misprice on Currys on release day, still can't get one as cheap as that one year after release.

    the chocolate oranges one for me too,
    fingers crossed it happens again soon

    3 litres of Lenor at Asda Telford were priced at £1.50 each by mistake. Bought 20 bottles, just used the last one a couple of weeks ago. They lasted about a year.

    The 50" LG Plasma 1080p TV Tesco were selling for £130 - should have been £450 (except i used vouchers and got it for £115)
    I was one of the lucky few that got one.
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