whats best 32" TV to buy from Curry's at the moment please £100 - £200 ?

Posted 25th Nov 2022 (Posted 2 h, 38 m ago)
trying to buy a TV for my son as his just broke and ive seen so many 32" tvs at currys but not sure which is the best to go for based on using xbox1 and disney plus and youtube being used mainly

im very grateful for anyones advice on this please?
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    Funny my mum has just asked me about A 32inch Philips TV. I think she is going to get the 32 PFS6905 it is £209 everywhere.
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    Phillips Ambilight
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    Sounds good ty, btw are the tcl ones any good? Specs look good but never heard of tcl
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    Great little TV, my son has it and the remote has specific buttons for apps like Netflix, Disney+ etc
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