whats best program to use instead of itunes?

    got itunes but can only seem to add 1 song @ a time for some reason(prob me being stupid)


    Can't you add folders rather than files?

    Yes, it's File> Add folder to library.

    That will add all the tunes in that folder, including in subfolders

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    i add a folder then it says cant add as its trying to add from my libary and always end up with 2 songs on my ipod must be doing something wrong....

    realplayer is good


    realplayer is good

    no it's not!!! bloatware :x

    winamp is good. :thumbsup:

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    cheers people!!!

    I use the manual adding thing..
    You can then just drag and drop as many files / folders as you like in one go.


    no it's not!!! bloatware :xwinamp is good. :thumbsup:

    can you add tunes to ipod through winamp?


    can you add tunes to ipod through winamp?

    you're missing the point.

    realplayer is HORRIBLE :x
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