whats best ps3 media server or tversity

    hi i'm looking to stream movies from pc to ps3 having read up on ps3 media server and tversity still unsure which is best. or are there others, i am looking at a wifi connection. thanks


    tversity always gets the best reviews... i used to use media player to stream but it was very very glitchy with long lists of files. So much so i ended up hardwiring the blooming thing coz it was so much of a pain in the butt ;-)

    I think ,maybe wrong, but something like tversity decodes at pc level.. where as media player just streams (dont know much about this but supposed to be better ?) maybe talking cack though lol !

    Use 'PS3 Media Server' this is universally the best media player for PS3 bar none including windows media player, Tversity etc. Search it on google and read some reviews. Tversity was the best before this program came out but PS3 Media Server is now by far the best.

    Not used Tversity for ages but cant see it being much better than it used to be (cack)
    PS3 Media Centre is great though and plays near anything i throw at it so go for that :thumbsup:

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    thanks guys rep added

    I use Vuze... its pretty good.

    Never heard of PS3 media server, but then havent looked in ages so perhaps i was a little out of touch on the streaming side.


    I dont use any software as the ps3 streams from the PC well enough without it

    I tried streaming with Windows Media and TVersity and neither would work so downloaded PS3 Media Server and that worked first time
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