Whats best sites for last minute holiday? teletext?

Found 6th Oct 2009
My sisters sons passport came through today and as its schol holidays up in our part of scotland we are looking to get away for 7-10 days - which are best sites for searching? Or anyone recommend any company to phone? We can leave from tomorrow onwards but have to be home on 18th at latest.

The most annoying this is that when people see 2 adults and 2 kids its assumed that the adults will sleep together so we are ideally wanting a 1 bedroom minimum as we will put kids in same room then transfer them when we go to bed so we each share with our sondaughter....

My mum is in mjorca with my oldest daughter and says weather is great - anyone recommend anywhere else which is good for 3 year olds? have been to Tenerife, Gran canaria, malta (didnt like), Ibiza and turkey before the kids came along and further afield but this will be our first holiday abroad with the little ones.....

any help appreciated as I have had a quick look but wont be able to search again till later as have to nip out just now...


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Great - thanks for help - hoping to nook something tomorrow - just need to find out if price on teletext is total price or if there are a lot of add ons as they are way cheaper than other sites...
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