whats best to mod?xbox or 360?

    hi ive got a spare xbox 360 and reallyinterested in the modding scene
    i dont know why but it just sounds cool
    i could use my new xbox360 to mod or buy a second hand xbox for £35 and mod that
    are there any differences apart from the hard drive that the xbox has between them?
    which one would you do?

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    depends what u want to use it for.. the 360 can only play copied games, with the xbox u can use it as a media center with XBMC installed, can play divx, avi, mkv, dvd's, games, stream music and video from your computer etc.

    Maybe you should check out [url][/url] if you jus want to mod one i would mod the xbox but then you could only play old games obv and theres no more games being released afaik. Def check out the site to see what advances have been made ive not bothered with all that in ages since i got my xbox how i wanted it

    good luck
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