whats best website to download windows media player 10+?

    as above
    ive tried to download the 11
    but hasnt worked



    what operating system you have?

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    i got a packard bell (easy note) windows xp i think

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    windows xp i got

    or just do a windows update and it comes in that

    version 12 is available only with windows 7 i think

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    i tried
    but it dint work just made me download some crap!!!

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    which would you prefer?
    or windows media player?

    Itunes for music as i have an ipod and got used to it now.

    and Windows Media Player for ripping cds as i prefer my library the certain way.

    Watching movies, etc you can use Windows Media Player Classic

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    well ive just got a blackberry and wanna put music onto it, but i have to use itunes or windows media player 10 or above it says so



    Didnt your blackberry come with the cd with all the required software you may need?

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    really stressing me out, i swear haha!!!! ARGHHHH:@

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    ive downloaded the cd softwere thingy but i got blackberry media sync, and on that it says 'you need to download itunes or windows media player 10 or above' :@!!!!! stressingme out

    lol blackberry media manager software is crap for some reason it locks up my pc and just takes an age to do anything.

    You can just use your blackberry as an external drive and dump the music from windows explorer into the music file folder

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    just took over 30mins to download itunes+quick time
    and now you've just told me that and it works :(!!! gutted

    You still want WMP10?
    I have the .exe file on my pc, i can upload somewhere...........

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    no thanks mate, dont matter now
    got about 40odd from doing it 1by1 haha thats enough for tonight
    plus found a quick way thanks to numpty

    Lol, ok no worries, if you change your mind just ask.
    Whenever i install software i often keep the installer file(s)
    Don't have many but WMP10 is one i do have......folks who watch online football will know why

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    i used to use
    think it's been shut down now though

    A lot of the peer to peer stuff need WMP 10 codecs to play properly, well the old skool stuff anyway.
    myp2p is my site of choice
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