whats better 720p or 1080i

    just set up my ps3 and not sure what the best setting is


    1080i is better as long as you have a hd tv and it supports it

    I'd say 720p...

    Progressive Scan is better than Interlace.

    720p is better.

    yep agree 720p is better than 1080i

    If your TV panel is 720 pixels high it should support both formats so just do a back to back test with a device that allows you to set the HD output, e.g. $ky+HD / Virgin V+ / HDMI DVD Player.....


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    just tried on my 23" samsung 720p looks better

    on my 32" 1080i looks better

    Isn't 720p supposed to be best for fast moving images and 1080i better for slower based action? I would assume for gaming that 720p is the better option.

    If your monitor supports 1920 x 1080 then you'd probably have 1080p anyway and 1080i would be useless. So I'd reccommend 720p, I've always felt that you should use the resolution as close to your monitor/tv's native resolution as possible.

    yea as said earlyer id use 720p for games and watching sports etc. and 1080i for looking at pictures and i think they say documentarys but i cant rememeber.

    so sports, games and movies all 720p unless you can get hold if 1080p
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