Whats considered the best football boots in teenagers?

You know what it all like, well my son is starting 2ndry school in September call me mad but i want him to have whats going at this time for kids as he struggles to fit in sometimes and i dont want him being picked on, trying to make his life easier!

I was wondering what boys thought were the "in" style/brand football boots are at this moment in time??

Thanks in advance for help.


personally i'd stick with nike to stay in the crowd

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I quite like these ones so does my son as well, not bad either at £24.99

Yeah, stick to nike and adidas and you cant go to far wrong :thumbsup:

Doing your Christmas shopping already?

good question but as a lover of football be it playing and now coaching kids and a bit set in my ways i would recommend him staying away from boots with blades and stick with moulded studs for hard ground( summer/ hard frosty mornings) and studs for wet pitches. I said this as i am a great believer that boots with blades have caused more injuries not only to the wearer but to other players then moulded and studs ever have or will! So the boots i would recommend are ADIDAS WORLD CUP (studs) ADIDAS COPA MUNDIAL (moulded) in my opinion two of the best boots ever made and have been continued to be made from the 70's up to present day and never changed the design! only thing is don't know if they come in kids sizes! Final note is i would go for comfort as well and i also know what kids are like if your lad is good at football it won't matter what boots he wears the other lads will get on with him, But on the flip side even if he has the best boots going and he's not that good then he still might struggle.... Which i know is wrong but i'm afraid to say that is what some kids are like i see it every week. The main thing is your child has fun and enjoys doing the sport... Good Luck

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Trouble is the school he is off to wont allow any form of studs, it has to be the bladed ones.


Trouble is the school he is off to wont allow any form of studs, it has … Trouble is the school he is off to wont allow any form of studs, it has to be the bladed ones.

That is so strange and i might be wrong but there has been so many new injuries to players wearing blades that players never got wearing studs..... Also i try and stick to black boots have you ever tryed cleaning white boots in the middle of winter that look so nice fresh out the box and in the summer but come winter when there's plenty of mud not such a good idea..:thumbsup:

i would advise something strong and black such as Adida Predator's or Nike Tiempo. These are both grat boots and last ages. I would not advise any mecurial vapors

I recommend Adidas Adipures. They are very comfortable and light.

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Right will go black, and will have a good hunt around places in town when im there next!

i live in birmingham and they have changed a old jjb store into a olympus clearence shop and they had some great deals on boots. they were a bit random but if you had a good search you could find some! i don't play in boots as i always play on astro turf but needed some boots pretty quickly as i had a tournament the next day so i popped in and i got some great umbro studded boots black aswell with side laces and fold over tongue for wait for it £5 well for that i couldn't let them go so for me well worth it...... So my advice is shop around and you will be surprised whats out there!
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