whats current value of this please

    I have been hunting down stuff in my home to sell and have found my old gamecube logitc force feedback wheel, which sadly never made it out of the box and its still sealed!

    i cannot find any on the bay for sale and was wondering where else i can look to see if this is desirable or now a small table!

    Is it possible this will be usable on the wii?


    Merry Christmas



    Original Poster

    hey thanks for that x

    Probably not a lot, i remember trying to flog one about 3-4 years back in all the highstreet game stores. I think the most I was offered was £2.50 (was brand new, was for Playstation for gamecube though)

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    ahh well , one for the charity shop then.

    Not much market for gamecube stuff anymore.

    Original Poster

    ahme tho isnt it how things become so disposable? Ahh well i expect the local charity shop will be welcoming to it .
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