What's easier for an older person: An Echo Show or Nest Max?

Posted 19th Apr
Looking at both options from Google and Amazon. Just wondered what would be easier to use/setup for an elderly person isolating without a smartphone (she has a Doro phone). The rest of the family all use Android devices.
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personally i would say echo not quite in the elderly bracket yet but wondered if by app it could be managed for the elderly person and i have Echo Show and Spot and several hubs throughout the house and connected to ring doorbell and wifi plugs
Have both in different rooms within my family. The Google has more features/abilities and better information for queries, e.g. if you're going to use it for map directions/commute times or Youtube you want the Nest, but the Echo is easier and more "fluid" to use imo. Hard to describe why, but even something basic like saying "Alexa" is more natural than saying "OK Google" or "Hey Google" and is easier to remember also. I use Philips Hue for some rooms and with Google devices it's more of a pain to set up and get it working, with the Echo its alot smoother.

Without knowing what the elderly person would use it for, I would recommend Echo Show out of the two. It's more fun for novices to use as it's better with things like jokes, making calls is easy (your family will need to install an Echo app I think to have video calls), might have more "elderly friendly" features (sorry if ageist) like reading books. basic games, etc.
Did have Echo but found it far too hit and miss and it stopped working altogether with Harmony. Replaced with Google hub and mini which are much more responsive for us and our smart stuff. Gave an Echo dot to my 88yo mum in law and she loves it for listening to local radio.
Have a look at Facebook Portal, from reviews it's particularly good for family get-togethers. There are tablet versions with a big on off privacy switch for camera/mic, or a TV adapter version for the big screen.
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