whats fifa 11 like?

    i cant get it as i no longer have a console. im a fifa lover whts it like


    Its probably like Fifa 10 or Fifa 9,8,7 etc

    Yeah, there always the same just with slightly better grafix, new kits etc...

    ...and more commentary banter between Gray and Tyler

    its very good. Got mine on wed and everything is sharper with better AI and player movement. The addition of playing with the GK is also a good thing.

    Is it anything like fifa world cup?

    After playing world cup i couldn't go back to 10.

    you could play with the keeper on Fifa 10 couldn't you ;-)

    world cup was good... And there always more changes than the previous, but most of u bandwagon it and regurge the same **** on every fifa post cause its coooool
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    Be a Goalkeeper is great

    Original Poster Banned


    Be a Goalkeeper is great

    that sounds good
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