Whats' for tea????

    Hi, Quick discussion on what your having for tea? Or had in some cases.

    Would like some ideas.

    Thanks guys.


    Duck breasts with fried rice

    I LOVE fried rice, and I can use up all sorts of things to make it tasty- ham, prawns, whatever veg we've got knocking around
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    Home made chips,chicken breasts and carrots

    You mean dinner, tea is a drink lol.

    Just had some roast beef and mixed veg nom nom


    Tea? Tea is at 3.30pm and involves cake and tea or juice.
    Supper? I can smell the whiffs of a roast chicken - yum.
    To complete the lesson, dinner is a smart form of supper, ie a dinner party, when you dress up smartly and have 3+ courses, normally in the company of friends.

    Jaffa cakes

    spag bol


    I see the plebs are still finding it hard to except colloquialisms different to their own.

    I can eat Sunday dinner at lunch time or early evening.

    I can partake in a cream tea at 3 o'clock or have a high tea at 6 o'clock

    I always have lunch mid day unless it's a roast Dinner.

    Supper is a snack I would eat late in the evening....unless It was a fish supper from the chippy at tea time.

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    home made lasagne, chips and coleslaw.... ready in 20 mins

    marmite on toast.


    home made lasagne, chips and coleslaw.... ready in 20 mins

    my sister makes a gorgeous lasagne, im rubbish at cooking lol

    I also had lasagne and chips. I made 10 earlier so the freezer is full


    [tee] Show IPA
    the dried and prepared leaves of a shrub, Camellia sinensis, from which a somewhat bitter, aromatic beverage is prepared by infusion in hot water.
    the shrub itself, extensively cultivated in china, japan, India, etc., and having fragrant white flowers. Compare tea family.
    the beverage so prepared, served hot or iced.
    any kind of leaves, flowers, etc., so used, or any plant yielding them.
    any of various infusions prepared from the leaves, flowers, etc., of other plants, and used as beverages or medicines.
    beef bouillon.
    British . any meal, whether a light snack or one consisting of several courses, eaten in the late afternoon or in the evening; any meal other than dinner, eaten after the middle of the afternoon.

    quorn spag bol -

    roast beef,roast potatoes,carrots,cauliflower, peas and carrots and Yorkshire puds

    Gammon steak, pineapple, wedges and roasted peppers/onions/mushrooms for tea here.

    Sunday roast - chicken breast, mashed potatoes, home made yorkshire puddings, veggie stuffing, peas, aunt bessies roast potatoes, etc

    followed by home made pear crumble with ben & jerrys ice cream (choc fudge brownie / phish food)

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    chicken stirfry x

    We just had a lovely lamb roast for dinner ..........just letting it settle before we tuck in to a trifle !!

    Just had the vast majority of a lidl pizza. Insane amount of cheese. Feel abit ill now...


    I just made mushroom curry and rice.

    Having cherry pie and custard for pudding.

    barbeque spare ribs
    sweet and sour chicken balls
    egg fried rice
    crispy duck pancakes
    honey and lemon chicken in batter
    pineapple fried rice
    prawn crackers

    ^^^ not all for me btw

    washed down with vodka and red bull

    Dinner, lamb pasanda with pilau rice & naan bread

    Large Big Mac meal.

    I won a free McChicken Sandwich too.

    Just finished work & tempted to order an Indian, can't be bothered to cook

    went out to Wetherspoons for sunday lunch with my family, was lovely

    LM quorn pie, mash and peas as we have a working oven this week thanks to freecycle.

    Fresh cod in parmesan cheese sauce, baked tomatoes, broccoli and sweetcorn
    Greek yoghurt, almonds and blueberries
    (off carbs for a diet)

    Chicken breast in gravy chips and cabbage and a blue ribband and ice cold vimto

    I had some home made sausage rolls (onions + mushrooms inside) and mash potato with gravy.

    fish and chips from the seaside took the dogs fir a nice long walk
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