Whats happened to quidco....

    just tried to get onto quidco site and this comes up..

    Fatal error: Access denied for user 'quidco_mambo'@'' (using password: YES) in /home/admin/domains/…php on line 19

    anyone else get this. :? :?


    Getting the same here

    Original Poster

    thats a relief............. maybe it'll be back up soon or they could of ran off with everyones money....:w00t:

    Same here too.. issues with login.

    me too! i was getting worried it was just me

    Phew, thank god its not just me :wOOt:

    ditto!!!! hope they havent ran off - got a good amount this month - £170 - best eva!!! u got me thinking now!!!


    Yeah I got that error too...
    can't see them running off.... I hope! :giggle:

    thought it was dodgy internet connection @ work...... at least im not on my own.......

    But yeah - i hope they aint done a runner.....

    The site is currently under maintenance, but should be up again in a few hours (according to the error message I'm getting)

    I just checked it and mine went straight in.

    looking good now....

    Original Poster

    ok now, phewwwwww.:-D

    mines fine now as well.

    Mine is fine now, but wasnt working about 2 days ago, worried me a bit too
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