What's happened to the page set up ?

    What's happened to the page set up ? I come back from lunch & everything has changed ! Why ? It was ok how it was ...


    has it changed? all looks the same to me.

    My 'hot' deals have disappeared and have been for about a week

    Me Too

    Mine went 'wrong' yesterday.

    To solve it, I went to 'Tools' at the top at the top of the browsing page, select 'clear private data and tick boxes cookies' and 'cache', then select 'clear private data now' - hope this helps someone.

    Original Poster

    Its gone back to normal now, that was really weird !

    Press ctrl+f5 if things ever go funny. On any site, not just this one.

    That does work... thanks Emma:thumbsup:
    BUt it happens ever time I visit the site so I have to keep pressing ctrl+F5:thinking:

    If that's happening, there's something on your end causing it... ?

    Maybe..... but I'm a member of 4 or 5 other forums and it's not happening on those sites??
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