Whats happened to this disc?


    I bought this game about 2 months ago for my PS4. When I first saw it the disc was sparkling clean (as usual with new games). I put it into my PS4 and haven't taken it out since. Today I took it out of the console and saw that it had all these weird reflections on it. At first i thought they were due to moisture but the disc was perfectly clean, plus the game works perfect too! What do you think has happened? I've got a link to a photo that ive took of the disc.…jpg


    That's normal don't worry. I don't know whether discs are just like that or if something causes it but I've seen it a few times with PS3 discs and if you search online you'll see other people discussing it. It won't affect the game at all though, it's not damaged or anything.

    As Bure11 said, totally normal and nothing to worry about.…cd/

    It's down to the make up of the physical disk compared to the disks you were used to. They have a special hard coating that is thinner than older media and also to make them last longer than DVDs or CDs because without it the bluray would scratch very easily. The following image gives an idea how much of a difference a Blu Ray disk differs and why they look a little different.

    It had all these weird reflection on it.....

    Stop looking into it mate, I tend to have the same problem, it also happens when I look in the mirror.

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    Thanks for the replies, its just that the other ps4 discs look fine and this one turned out a little weird. I thought I had done something lol
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