What's happenned to - Your Recent Activity??? All threads have disappeared !

    Anyone else?

    It's quite annoying.


    Mine are all still there

    I've written a post twice and each time the system has come back and told me i'm not logged in.
    Was so to!


    My threads keep vanishing as well

    none here

    lol, spoke too soon, its all just dissapeared!

    i havent got any either

    I know it's getting on my nerves now:)

    working now


    working now

    is it??? :?


    Not working here....


    Search is broken too as none of my posts are coming up, some others won't show up either.

    Mine has gone to but sometimes comes back, I am logged in and am making posts, I am also logged out and back in again

    some of my posts have been deleted from a thread also?!

    mine not there ither !!

    Mines been gone all day.

    Please continue here...

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