whats harold and kuumar get the muchies like

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Found 17th Feb 2009
wrth watchng now ??

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i thought it was ok.

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ok . anyone else

It's alright.

Probably worth watching.

I quite liked it


its good .. work watching ...... also "find" howard and kumar escape from guantanamo..... the new one

have a few beers. it greatly increases the humour.

some very funny moments others in poor taste imo

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cheers all , ff to watch it now :thumbsup:


have a few beers. it greatly increases the humour.


not a bad film - was also called howard and kumar go to white castle i think.. the second one was better..

i thought first one is wicked, second one has some funny bits in it but they are nothing on sex driver or superbad

tbh id give em 3/10

I would recommend - Half Baked - the "we're going for munchies" scene is AWESOME!

is half baked the one with dave chapelle??

Dunno who is in it but the bit when he goes to get the munchies and ends up feeding a diabetic police horse, and killing it just makes me lol everytime (the sound effect as the horse croaks)

Harlod and Kumar get the munchies hang on is that the same as journey to white castle or something?...if it is yeah I thought it was ok

EDIT my fave film in this sort of category is 'How High'

Worth watching but i thought the second one was rubbish.

it is hilarious!!
i want a bottlemless partyyyy!!
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