Whats ideas do you have for my 12th birthday party?

Found 13th May
Hello everyone. I am having my 12th birthday soon and i was wondering if anyone has any ideas of the theme. Can we just remember to keep it at an. Affordable price because i cant afford a fancy limo or anything like that. Thank you. Every idea will be thought about. Please comment asap thank you again!
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Invite some friends to your parents house and get your parents to organise a few games, pass the parcel etc. You could provide a few sandwiches, jelly and maybe some pop.
She's 12, not 6!!!
Get your folks to hire a bouncy castle, still fun even at 12 or 35!

You could go camping with all your friends (you’d need their parents to go too).

Laser quest laserquest.co.uk/locations/

Gokarting (if everyone is old enough)

Or alternatively just do some games in the back garden and get some cheap skittles/football/tennis bats and balls, some sandwiches/ice cream/chocolate and get your folks to do a bbq.

Head down to your nearest national park, take a picnic and try letterboxing visitdartmoor.co.uk/act…ing
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How about a bowling party? Twilight theme? Are you sporty? Then the sport of your choice. If your parents will allow, how about a make-up party?
Bouncy castles are great fun, regardless of age.

Chek with your local working mens clubs/social halls/local football club if you have one they usually hire rooms for free or a small refundable deposit when finished if no problems/damages.

Theme wise - never too old or young for a disney or pixar theme.
MissGoldie1 h, 3 m ago

She's 12, not 6!!!

Where does it say what gender the poster is?
Ask for some 2 for 1 meerkat movie codes on here and treat a few close friends to a cinema trip after school on a Tuesday or Wednesday and then go to Pizza Hut or something similar afterwards
Don’t think I ever did anything for my 12th. My mum stuck to big birthdays (such as 10, 13, 16, 18) for any kind of celebration (we’d have pizza to celebrate every birthday instead). I was 12 6 years ago!
Massively depends on what your child likes.
If it's a boy it could be as simple as football at a local park with some mates with a few soft drinks then a BBQ and some cake(s) or the other way around.
MissGoldie15 h, 42 m ago

She's 12, not 6!!!

I'm 42 and it still sounds amazing....being old sucks !
How about those trampoline parks ?
Go karting , not sure of your location but there is a great quad bike place near Mansfield, craft party ? And pizza hut afterwards
Don't you mean your parents can't afford - why would you pay for it?
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