what's it called again???

Found 7th Dec 2007
Does anyone remember the name of the spinning disc that appears to make light dance/ bounce as it spins - reaching a climax just before the disc stops spinning. I can remember I seen it advertised in an online shop based in England somewhere.

I've got nothing more to go on just now. I'll keep googling till I find it or someone knows the name.

Muchos gracias :thumbsup:
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[SIZE="2"]I found it - it's called Euler's Disc

A cool gift for someone I'm sure, but I think I'll be getting one for me too!

Below is a link to youtube so you all know what I'm on about and to prove that I've not been sniffing socks!
Wouldn't have a clue what you were talking about so good thing you found the link yourself! I like the look of that, never heard of it before despite having studied quite a bit of Euler's theorem's and proofs.

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