whats it worth

    Hi all been getting some good help from this site so thought would ask for some advice i have this bronzed statue of david beckham and will be looking to sell its a ltd edition of 1500 this being 688 any ideas on what it would be worth have serched web but cant seem to find much info..…jpg
    any ideas to price please ? thanks in advance.......


    I'll give you 50p.

    I'll give you a bottle of pepsi

    I'll give you 32 brit trip points, may be able to go a little higher if need be though.

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    im guessing not much then:-(

    I'll give you 33 clubcard points

    how much are you thinking about

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    how much are you thinking about

    have no idea rellay was a present a while ago so dont no what it cost ,.

    what is it made of? who made it? does it come with a certificate?

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    what is it made of? who made it? does it come with a certificate?

    not sure whats underneath but its bronzed on top quiet heavy just says made in england on bottom and yes has certificate and also says on base which number it is and out of how many

    Original Poster another pic

    i think I just saw the ball wobble before he hit it, so realistic.:-D

    unless it's a limited official merchandise, this is likely to be worthless

    think someone has some cheap junk after being conned by a website

    I will take the batteries and dodgy shoes :whistling:

    are you selling the cardboard box as well because that will doulble the price.
    Beckham statues are like Corgis, worth more with the box intact


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