Whats it Worth Roughly??? Samsung 40" LCD LE40R87BDX

    Im looking at upgrading my TV pretty soon as wouldnt mind going over to a bigger screen. In the end will be looking at getting rid of this to put towards a new one. I bought this about 13 months ago, not had a single prob with it or anything for i think 779 from PC World. How much do these TVs depreciate in Value? Could I expect to get 300+ for it, maybe 400 at a push??


    New is £550 so you can probably half that for a second hand one.

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    Yeah i thought id seem them drop down to around 600 a couple of months ago. Shame!

    if its out of warrenty then not worth too much over £250 as could go wrong tomorrow, and repairs are very expensive.

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    hmmmmm if thats the case then i may just hold on to it and stick it in another room!

    I think people are just trying to get a cheap tv from you! id say £300 at least maybe £350

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    Well the new one i want is a 46" Sharp Aquos they have for sale at Tesco!! My aunt get get 10% off that so it brings that one new down to about 650. And was hoping not have to chuck more than about 300 of my own money at it. Sounds a close call tho

    is this a 1080p version? if not I would say around £200-300 max without warrenty. As i saw lg for £450 720p and the hitachi 1080p for £500.

    But I think you are better off keeping it for another room or PC gameing..


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