Whats it worth - Wii package


    Im considering selling my wii to fund the purchase of an xbox 360 - mainly just to play fallout 3 when released!

    Can anyone tell me what I can expect to get for the following:

    - Wii console, boxed with wii sports and all original cables
    - 2 x controllers + 2 x nunchuks
    - Remote charger stand with 1 rechargable battery
    - gamecube controller (not a nintendo one)
    - Mario kart with 2 wheels. Both wheel still have boxes.
    - links crossbow training with pega gun
    - mario charged strikers football
    - mario & sonic olympics (brand new and sealed)
    - zelda twilight princess
    - tiger woods all play 09
    - guilty gear core (brand new and sealed).

    The wii is a few yrs old now so does not have any warranty remaining, but all works perfectly.


    (PS - i am NOT interested in swapping for a 360 unless it has a decent warranty remaining......we all know theyre not too reliable)


    300 I guess should bet the best. (my calculation)


    maybe best selling everything seperate

    Original Poster

    £300? Thats higher than i thought - my guess was in the region of £230-250 :-)

    That's the best you can get I think by splitting.

    Together as a package you might get less.

    Original Poster

    Ok - thanks for your input.

    Not sure ive got the motivation to pack and post bits around the country, so may just list it on here as a package and hope for a decent offer.
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