Whats my solution ? Mods?

    Messaged ascottishbloke had no reply. So going to ask here.

    So from the beginning.

    Traded my iMac with Adamo here for his 50" HDTV…684

    As you can see in the thread he agreed to fix or replace it without a 6 month period.

    When he arrived at my house with the TV, one of the HDMI ports was not working upon testing. Due to him driving it over a good hour to me.. And the fact he seemed like a good bloke.. I took his word that he was going to get it fixed ASAP.

    He also confirmed the above on the thread. He also signed an agreement at my house to cover the TV for 6 months.

    After being as patient as i could, with continual excuses why it hasnt been resolved yet or even a hint or when and how it would be. I looked into small claims court.

    Went to a CAB drop in session today at lunch unfortunately.. Its a 50/50 chance id win, as it more depends on who i get. Whether he/she more inclined to lean against sales or goods act. Or more flexible and lets the agreement stand, CAB said you could get either or.

    So with already in the midst of most likely taking T-Mobile to small claims court if CISAS dont resolve my dispute with them, im not going to bother taking the 50/50 chance.

    However he has still screwed me over not done what he said he was going to in person, on the thread or by the agreement he signed. Plus he hasnt been on the forum since i txtd him regarding small claims and pushing more for a resolution.

    So what can the mods do about this? Re-open the thread to seek a solution and if he offers none then he gets banned for doing me over?

    As i gotta say, gonna feel slightly p***d if hes been allowed to screw me over and then continue trading on here.

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