whats that best disney film?

    what disney films do you like?

    bedtime storys and toy story 1,2,3


    Lion King
    Monster Inc (yes i know it's pixar)
    Beauty and the Beast

    Not sure which is my fav.

    Sorry, accidentally pressed expire.

    Mine would be

    Finding nemo
    Lion king
    Wall e


    So many classics to choose from. I think Pixar have raised the bar well beyond anything the traditional Disney studio ever produced though they are giants standing on the shoulder of giants.

    I'd say from the older movies - Pinocchio

    And from the modern stuff - Monsters Inc

    I though Princess and the Frog was an outstanding return to form from the hand drawn artists, up there with the 90s boom period.

    oh i like Mulan as well, but sometimes i think if they are taking the pee out of my eyes "\_/" in that movie

    Lion King
    Oliver and Company

    Lion King


    Toy story's
    Finding Nemo
    Monsters inc


    Lion King for me.

    I think I love 'em all!

    Some particular faves are:

    Beauty and the Beast - can't wait for it's re-release this year;
    Wall-e - the first half of the film especially;
    Mary Poppins - will always love this;
    The Little Mermaid - I just love it;
    Robin Hood - best version of Robin Hood out there for me.
    Jungle Book - fantastic songs

    Pirates of The Caribbean: School Kids of Key Stage 1
    & the finale:
    Pirates of The Caribbean: The Return of the School Kids of Key Stage 1 (after lunch break)

    Sword in the stone!
    Toy Story 123
    Beauty And The Beast

    100% lion king

    even though robin hood has my childhood

    and second would have to be Beauty and the Beast, such good songs!

    i came across a fan sub of sum1 singing beauty and the beast songs on youtube, was pretty incredible how good they were

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