Whats that noise/tune

Found 27th Jan 2011
This will be fun

Ermm, theres a noise that i want as my ring tone, it goes like, " mwa mwa mwa mwaaaa " or "Dun dun dun dunnnnnn" Like going from a higher tone to a lower tone of noise... its the noise when someone fails or something like that, anyone know the actual name of it (if it has one) Or where i can download it?

It was on coming of age the other night and it goes from about 6:07 to 6:13 ish


Thanks, i hope you understand! :P
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soundfxnow.com/sou…ah/ download links at bottom of page, sad trumpet is similar
Thank you so much :D:D
I have one too, it goes

da da daaa da da daaa da, doo doo di di di doooooo

Any ideas?
great soundboard here
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