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Whats the average cost for a decorator ??

Posted 11th Jul 2010
What's the average cost for a decorator ??

Just looking at wallpaper today and decided im going to get some "modern" wall paper for one wall in the Living room, and one wall in our bedroom

Living room wall will require 5 drops and the bedroom will require the same.

The walls don't need any prep work as its a new build, (12 months old now) so its just a case of hanging the paper..

I was thinking of doing it myself with the assistance of "dad", but then thought wonder how much it would cost to get someone to do it, as i would expect they could do it really quickly!

Any one what sort of cost this would be for a non "city" decorator??

Im going to give a few a call tomorrow but just thought I would ask here first if any one had any ideas..

ps.. i would be supplying wallpaper, then decorator can chose to supply own paste or i will supply.

Any thoughts ?

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