What's the average price for a used/recon'd XBOX360 these days?

    Hey all,

    I think I finally need to take the pluge and get hold of a 360 if only for playing the new GTA.

    How much are they going for these days? I'm guessing I don't need the Elite as I won't be putting it to too much use, only GTA-wise really. Perhaps more in the future.

    I'll take a proper look at later but the deal with Xbox live - I assume all 360's are compatible and you're still up for a monthly subscription?

    I'm aware that the first 'Core' systems have the older chipset that's notorious for overheating which is a bit of a worry, but as I'm going for 2nd hand I guess it's a big chance I'll get one of these?



    get a xbox 360 pro from shopto for 180

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    A friend has offered me £90 for his 360 with a 20GB harddrive but without a controller - sounds good to me - so I'm after a cheap official 360 controller now (don't care if it's wired or not).


    Edit: May be a Core so dunno if it's worth it without the controller (doesn't have any games either). I'll know more tomorrow but figure this is what it is.

    Edit2: I'm tempted to go for the 360 Premium with GTA4 bundled on for £199 and use the 5% code actually.. Seems it'd add up - better console, more up to date chipset, controller, GTA.
    If I was to add GTA4 and a controller to the £90 Core system I expect it'd be £40 cheaper max. Probably not worth it!!

    Original Poster deal it is I think.

    I really only want a 360 for GTA and the odd game (that I'll borrow from a friend). My original Xbox does everything else as it's my main media centre so I can't really go wrong with this deal as I see.

    Can't really afford it after rent this month, but GTA man! GTA!!!

    you should get one with warranty mate.

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    you should get one with warranty mate.

    What do you mean mate? The Premium system will come with a standard warranty right, and will have the updated chipset (no red ring of death??)


    xbox 360 with 20 games 1 years warrenty perfect condition with 3 controlers and a head set with 1 years membership on live only for £290

    I have a good used xbox360 £120 delivered,just the core console no hard drive but it does have a new samsung dvd rom drive,which was proffesionally fitted this week, he also flashed this drive with the latest ixtreme 1.4 firmware,It has played every game i have put in it original and back up perfectly.It is not banned from xboxlive.I also have genuine pal gta 4 if interested i could bundle the game with the xbox,although this console plays backups if you play any game a lot on xboxlive i would recommend using a genuine disc.First time i have used this site so i guess a pm reply and i will try and figure out how to use it !
    I have been selling on ebay for years, ebay phil1420 checkout my feedback.
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