whats the best all round tv, bb and phone package around? (advice needed for moving home)

    we are moving home soon and currently have sky tv, virgin home phone and virgin mobile. i like sky hd and multiroom, only use home phone after 6 and on weekends and i am a light bb user. with sky we have the 6 mix without movies and sports. is it best to get a bt line at new place (app there was one there once), or stay with virgin, or go elsewhere? also, do i cancel my current subs and start again going through quidco, or call them and tell them im moving and ask them to move services with me?

    ideally i want all 3 from one provider, hopefully it will be cheaper.

    also, the same with eon - do i cancel then re connect for quidco, or tell them to stop elec and gas here and move it to new place?

    good god this is so confusing!!!!

    thanks in advance for help guys x


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    bumpety bump anyone?

    personally we have Virgin and for 10MB BB (lowest one they do), M Channels (65 in total), plus XL Phone (on offer at time), we pay £30.50 per month.

    look around and play then against sky and vise versa, BUT saying that, with SKY you need a BT line, where with Virgin you dont.

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    thanks disco x
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