Whats the best and cheapest dual layer dvd rw for under £20

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Found 12th Oct 2008
At the moment ive seen this


THanks and rep left for help

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got a pioneer 111d at the moment but dont know if thats dual layer

or if its ide you want then i would recommend this:


Either way imho the lg drives are very very good for the money (quiet, rapid, reliable) i mean if you're constantly burning (judging by your avi u prolly are:prop:) then you can just chuck it out if it conks out after a year.

I just got 2 x price match LG GH22's at PC World (Play price match) for £33.58 - PCW £29.99, Play £17.99 - x 2 £35.98 minus 10% the difference. Installed them on Sunday,used a few times,excellent! Fast,also come with software...Recommended!!

* Included software on disc - Power DVD - Power Producer - Nero Express - In CD - Acrobat Reader


got a pioneer 111d at the moment but dont know if thats dual layer

Yes it is so will be fine.



Yes it is so will be … Yes it is so will be fine.]http://www.pioneer.co.uk/uk/products/archive/DVR-111D/index.html

Beat me to it, just googled it and the DVR-111d is a good dual layer for 360 backups too

Ive just ordered ]this on rehydrated recommendation. Did try PC world price match but no local stock available. So i went for the OEM version from play.

Oddly enough I had a pioneer 111d too which has just died on me after over 2 years of faithful service! Cant complain as for 12 months of that it was burning 100+ discs a week. Now need to make sure I always keep a spare burner at hand!

Here was my thread hotukdeals.com/ite…-d/

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oh right thanks a lot its just that on the bezel it doesnt say DL anywhere so thats why i was a little lost.

Thanks though
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