What's the best Android phone atm?

Found 30th Jul
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You can't say. Any of the flag ships that suite your needs. Size. Camera. Battery. Ect. Samsung s9+ or pixel 2 plus probably but I don't want either given the choice
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Neither and I would hold off few couple of months.
You will have new pixel, galaxy S10, iPhone and god knows what else coming out so either way you will have a cheaper oldish phone or a best new phone
Look for reviews in sites like tech radar. Just do a google search.
Huawei p20 pro
Depends what you mean by best? Speed? camera? Usability?

I've seen a few reviews and they put the Pixel up there with an I-phone-x.

Personally I think Samsung usability sucks, and the colours over saturated but that's just my opinion, some people love them.
P20 Pro
Huawei Mate 10 Pro ?
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