Whats the best baby monitor around from personal experience?

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    Hi, am looking to buy a 2nd baby monitor ( already have an angelcare for home ) to leave at my inlaws, have looked at loads of websites and reviews, but all very conflicting, so thought I'd ask here for personal experience as everyone was so fantastic and helpful the other day over my hospital bags


    i use motorola homesight

    Bt's one has got some good reviews…tml

    search for a btter price though

    £68.48 on BT Shop

    I am a grandmother and my daughter has an Angelcare in her house, she bought a Tixylix monitor from a local chemist ( may have been Lloyds or Vantage) it was only aroung £10 and has a main unit which you plug in in baby's nursery and little monitor for downstairs which takes 4 aaa batteries, I use it all the time and it has been a godsend - can even here her (Eva) when i take the monitor out into the garden!!!

    Ive got the summer tv one, its brilliant

    tomy walkabout baby


    Bt's one has got some good … Bt's one has got some good reviews for a btter price though£68.48 on BT Shop

    i have bt and sware by it, it is great, even though opposite side of the room to the baby can still hear him breathing

    I've had a couple before but I'm currently using the BT150 - its fantastic. You can hear them breathing when they're asleep and there's no interference.

    Best ones are the BT ones as they use DECT same as cordless phones
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