Whats the best bluetooth stereo headset?

    Hi all.
    I am after a high end set of bluetooth stereo headphones to pair with my w995 phone.
    I have had a couple of Sony sets but need new ones. Been looking at Sennheiser MM 200 and Sony Ericsson HBH-DS980 but can't decide.
    Any opinions?
    Oh, at least 7 hrs battery life on full blast!


    I got a pair of Sony DG-BT21G with the walkman offer from a while back, love them. Not sure if you are looking for proper on ear ones, or somethign like the above.
    Work great, get about 10 hours audio on quite loud because out and about.

    Original Poster

    Thanks Munaaf, tried a search but nothing found.
    Kind of you to take the time though, cheers.

    sorry meant
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