What’s the best bug remover for car paint work?

Found 25th Aug 2017
Having a nightmare getting these pesky dead bugs off my car, so any advice would be appreciated
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warm soapy water..
dataload12 m ago

warm soapy water..

Agree. Just wet the area first with a hose, then with soapy water and leave for a few minutes whilst washing the rest of the car. The bugs will be softened by the tie you get back to them and just rub off with a microfibre cloth.

Any soecialst bug remover is just the same - it'll say apply then wait! It is the waiting that works - not a magic solvent!
Warm soapy water and a clay bar is what I use.
I use a sponge similar to ebay.co.uk/itm…551 works perfectly.
Thanks guys the warm soapy water done the job with a touch of elbow grease
Soak an old towl in soapy water and then place it over the affected area for a few hours then take it off and give it a good clean.
The local romanian sponge monkey.
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