Whats the best bundle contract deal for iphone 5s and ipad air 16gb?

Found 30th Jan 2014
Been looking around alot but struggling to find a really good deal, can anyone help? We want a iphone 5s and ipad air 16gb in a bundle contract if possible.
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Clarify - do you want an iphone 5s with an ipad air gift or a joint contract that they both can share data on?
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If the latter then: shop.ee.co.uk/off…ls/ is the only one I found but it works out to £1832.75 for 24 months. 5GB of shared data, unlt. texts and minutes.


£499 for iPad air with cellular from Apple and a £15 a month sim with unltd. data
uswitch.com/mob…112 iPhone 5s for £912 over 24 months
meaning £1771 over 24 months.
Thanks matey, i did see the EE one, which is the best i found too, if i use code TAB99 i can get £99 off the up front cost of the ipad, ends today. I was not fussed whether was gift or shared bundle, whatever worked out best price really. Only issue i have with the second one is i dont have £499 for the ipad in the first place.
Sounds like a plan. Glad I could help
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