What's the best car insurance?

    Hi, I've just bought a peugeot 106 'R' reg' with a 1.2 enguine. I'm 27 year old women and this is my first car. I'm still yet to take my practicle test next month (december).

    I'm looking for the best deal on car insurance. I've been told that a look on 'Autotrader' would be a good start, but does anyone know of any good quidco deals or something that might not come up on a straight forward search?

    Is it even a good idea to take a quidco deal or might it mean being stuck with a bad insurance company and could I then lose 'no claims' if i switch? Are there any other pitfalls i should know about?

    I am really new to all this, any advice and help would be much appreciated.
    Thanks, Lucy.


    try h&r insurance, thats who I am with - 0845 130 2800

    try, you register and they do not send you any spam. Once you've filled your details you get lots of quotes. Then you can decide to go with the cheapest or phone some insurance company a ask them if they could beat that lowest quote, good luck


    yep confused, daughter used it , then i used it, cheaper than anything else at the mo! good luck with test !

    Original Poster

    Thank you for the help.

    I ended up going with Quinn Direct which I found with

    Their price (£373 - with myself as first person) was pretty much half of the nearest competitors and it even included breakdown cover and a courtesy car free!!

    Thanks for the help again - it took the whole of two evenings searching!!

    Best car insurance by far is Moneyway - great prices really friendly efficient service - my wife has used these recently

    Use, get the prices offered with what they say they give with it, then give Churchill and Tesco a call and they will better it every time. Churchill are actually extremelly good with long serving accounts so in 5 or so years time they will be a massive benefit to you.

    just renewed my wifes peugeot through prudential for £290 ,but went via quidco and got £130 cashback....


    just renewed my wifes peugeot through prudential for £290 ,but went via … just renewed my wifes peugeot through prudential for £290 ,but went via quidco and got £130 cashback....

    I got my girlfriend on a policy as a named driver with the prudential for just under £400 with £70 Quidco cashback and it came with free breakdown cover at the time...not sure if thats available at the moment though

    1996 Toyota Starlet...possibly around the same insurance group as your 106...she is 25

    try swift, through quidco.
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