whats the best deal?

    i need to buy a new laptop and i am looking at 2 on the john lewis website (buying there as i have vouchers) - which one of these is the best deal?…spx…925


    The one £30 Cheaper seems the best deal, My Acer Laptop has 2GB Ram & Runs just fine

    The cheaper laptop has this cpu

    >>>AMD V Series Single-Core V120 Processor

    This means it is a very low powered CPU and only suitable for the most basic laptop work. If all you are doing is internet, email it will be ok, but not for anything more.

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    dearer one definately the v120 processor is rubbish onely just better than a netbook, p320 is slower than the newer processors but is reasonable.If it has to be john lewis…spx is the one
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