Whats the best free alternative to Microsoft word on ipad air 2 please?

    My partner is currently studying and we have a PC but she would prefer to use the ipad Air 2 if possible at times. Whats the best app without buying office on the ipad please?


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    I cant seem to find a ios app for it.

    Agree with above. Libre office. You just need to save documents to .Doc format if sharing as not everyone can open the odf open document format. Another alternative would be WSP Office. Take a look and see or just try both

    Ah yes. No libre for ios yet.. WPS it is then


    I cant seem to find a ios app for it.

    Sorry, I was forgetting IOS the mobile system as opposed to the Mac desktop system; although I had though they were more or less merged, the way Windoze has been trying to do.

    What about pages?

    Is there anyway to do your homework on an iPad and save it so that it can be opened with "word" in school?

    Just download word. Mine keeps saying not activated, activate to continue. Hit the cross and I still have full functions.


    Piratebay, download, sideload, done.

    I thought Office was free on the iPad now?…45/

    I can use free Excel and Word fine on my missus' iPad no problem?

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    Can you edit on the free version?

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    Piratebay, download, sideload, done.

    What Do i need to sideload to iPad?
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