whats the best free converter tool for iphone?

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Found 16th Oct 2010
hi people ive got a 16gig iphone 4 and running out of room,
240 songs
10 videos 9 short 1 2hrs
513 pics
145 apps

only 3.4g left

so looking to convert somethings
please help


into what ?;lol

the videos are more than likely already compressed eg mp4 the tunes are already compressed mp3,aac

The videos will more than likely be taking up the most storage so once watched replace with material you can watch then repeat process
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films and music i want to convert

They are mainly already in a compressed format eg avi/mp4/divx/xvid/ mp3/AAC etc

just download what you dont need to a computer, im sure you dont need all 500 photos on your phone, likewise how many of the 145 apps do you actually use?

alternatively buy a more sensible phone that you can expand the memory, but I guess its too late for this.
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plus 3.4gig is still masses of space.

the apps take up loads of space aswell,delete some of those

or you can change you iphone to 32gb one lol
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