What's the best free office package for vista, openoffice?



    Just get MS Office - plenty of "free" versions on the net

    Yep, Openoffice is my choice of the free Office packages.


    Argee with both!

    open office
    or if you want MS Office then *cough*pirate*cough*bay


    open officeor if you want MS Office then *cough*pirate*cough*bay

    I find it a tough call between ms and open office suites both have their plus sides and both have their negatives, they both work in pretty much the same way so adapting from m$ office to open office is pretty easy open office seems to open up faster than m$ though, it depends if its for the occasional use or if its a heavily used app on your machine.

    yeah, i prefer openoffice, but i just like the look of ms office so i just use that

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    OK thanks. I'll go with openoffice as it's only for my laptop.
    Will it upset my laptop performance or stability at all?

    The older versions used to be pretty bad at burning up resources however I've never had any trouble with more recent versions.


    i use openoffice on both my laptop and desktop. great piece of software

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    thanks for all the help

    yeh but have you tried office 2007 - specifially outlook 2007 -- with vista, it is soooooooooooo bad. it's just hangs and goes off to do the shopping on a frequent basis. i actually think it is busy corrupting all the little pixies inside my pc that arent supposed to be working by taking down the park and forcing them to drink tequila

    I think the only free full office suits availible for windows are OpenOffice and it's derivatives (like ]Lotus Symphony)
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