whats the best free program to stop malware?

    ok got a problem with my internet, I can receive emails with no problem, but when i try to load some webpages they either crash,dont load or spend hours loading with nothing on the screen, this has been happening now for a few weeks, seems its more often/worse when i open facebook,
    i have AVG, windows defender and zone alarm but somethings not right, My hubby is hot with PC's but this has him baffled and its driving me nuts.
    I think i may have a problem thanks to facebook, as i received a ton of malware links from someone in my friends list but i didnt open any of the emails.
    my laptop is a HP and running Vista. all up todate with updates as is the anti spam/virus/etc
    any help would be fantastic and rep left for those who message.
    thanks in advance guys

    forgot to mention i'm using mozilla firefox mostly as explorer is 1000 times worse cant get any websites using that.


    Try Ad Aware (Google it)

    Complementary to AVG

    Are you pulling the wee wee?
    Do you want me to come and do it for you?…tml

    If sam the man hasnt knocked on your door yet
    Malwarebytes has a freeware version, but fair dos it wasn't obvious from the link I first gave, this one explains it better:…tml

    Both Ad Aware and Malwarebytes are good products


    Spyware doctor is a top notch spyware remover


    select spyware doctor and download. its part of google pack so its 110% legit.

    Adaware and spybot are good but you shouldnt use them as your primary spyware removers

    A-squared is also good


    I recomend you download them both and scan away! :thumbsup:



    sorry its take so long for me to reply bloody net, sam thanks for the … sorry its take so long for me to reply bloody net, sam thanks for the offer but i got it..lolrep left for all and thanks guys im gonna try them out one at a time and see which one gets rid of my problem

    Keep us updated :thumbsup:
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