Whats the best games for DS

Well i finally got my ds lite and got fifa 07 with it (which is a good game may i add)

Any other games that are good for it?

Thanks in advance!


brain training is addictive, nintendogs my wife loves and i like final fantasy 3 , all depends on your taste in games though

Super mario 64 and mario kart DS are both excellent. I have the Brain training, but gets boring quickly. Also have that surgeon one ,but find that boring.

I am also looking for other great games to buy.

Can't beat warioware

Mario Kart, Meteos, Elite Beat Agents (or the superior Osu![SIZE=-1] Tatakae! Ouendan if you don't mind being confused by the Japanese menus for a short while).

Brain training was good - just for the sudoko (so I could cheat lol). New Super Mario Bros was excellent - some good old school platforming. dont forget advance wars.

Depending on you're tastes,

Brain Training, Nintendogs, Metroid Prime: Hunters, Elite Beat Agents, Mario Kart DS, New Mario Bros, Tetris DS, Bomberman Land: Touch, WarioWare, Final Fantasy III, Tony Hawks Downhill Jam and Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin.

That should do you for a while, plenty more coming next year including the new Zelda. :thumbsup:

Mario Kart and Metroid, both are online so they have good longevity and replay value.

The new Yoshi's Island, the original was probably my fav platform game ever.

I find Mario 64 quiet hard to control, dosent work with a dpad IMO, but was great on the N64.

Here is a link to Gamespot's DS game reviews and scores which should help you.

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